XFINITY Theatre is popular indoor/outdoor amphitheatre that has a venue capacity of 30,000 and is situated in Hartford, Connecticut. Due to the popularity of the Xfinity Theatre, we recommend getting to the venue as early as possible to guarantee a parking spot

One of the most frustrating parts about attending a live event is actually getting to the venue itself. But now, you can relax because this venue guarantees a quick and easy exit after the show. You can be one of the first out of the venue avoiding and be on your way home before all of the traffic. That’s because this lot is close to the venue and has a dedicated exit which has quick access to all main routes.

xfinity theatre parking

Xfinity Theatre is located at 61 Savitt Way, Hartford, CT 06120. Show times can be busy, so if you want to spend as little time as possible dealing with parking, then we recommend using ride share services to get to the venue. Otherwise, input the address in your favorite map making app or GPS device for up to date information on how to arrive on time and avoid any possible closures or delays on the road.

Regardless of how you arrive, be sure to arrive no later than an hour before the scheduled start time. This gives you plenty of time to get past security before the show. Though oftentimes the gate will open two-three hours before the show begins.

General Parking Options

Xfinity Theatre parking is located in 5 main locations:

Premier Parking Lot

Paid Premier Parking and Reserved Parking are located adjacent to the main entrance of the facility and are accessed at the intersection of Savitt Way and Weston streets.

EZ Out Parking Lot

Paid EZ Out parking is located to the West at the intersection of Savitt Way and Weston Streets.
Railtech Parking Lot – no additional charge for parking in the Railtech lot located at the intersection of New Road and Weston Streets, one light north of the entrance to the Premier Parking lot.

Market-Pequot Lot

No additional charge for parking in the Market-Pequot lot located at the intersection of Market and Pequot streets just north of exit ramp 32B on I-91.

Morgan Street Garage

For $10, additional parking is available in the Morgan street garage located at the intersection of Market and Talcott Streets just south of the I-84/I-91 interchange on Market street.

VIP parking

Available at the Xfinity Theatre, which can be purchased before the event, these areas are located in the main lot (Savitt Way). hang tags for parking entrance will be sent by the venue directly to the customer 10 days prior to event, please keep these or entry will be refused.

VIP parking tickets can be purchased on the day of the event, these are cash only purchases and availability and pricing will vary per event.

Accessible Parking

Located within the Premier Parking lot adjacent to the main gates. To provide ADA Accessible parking to guests who need it, the venue requires guests to display a valid ADA Accessible hangtag or license plate. The owner of the placard must be in the vehicle and ready to provide proof of ownership. This includes a photo ID and signature to match. ADA parking is available on a first come first served basis.