Zac Brown Band at XFINITY Theatre

Zac Brown Band Tickets

XFINITY Theatre | Hartford, Connecticut

Three-time Grammy Award country artist, Zac Brown Band are coming to Xfinity Theatre on Saturday 6th June 2015! What a way to kick off the summer in style.
Here on their "Homegrown" tour to celebrate the single release and their recently announced album 'Jekyll + Hyde' that is yet to be released. It's set to be an amazing show, with their experimental jam band, foot stomping country southern rock sound, creating an immense energy which buzzes off of the crowd.
Get yourselves ready for a unique and unforgettable night! "There will be things that people will expect and things that they don't."

Zac Brown Band at Xfinity Theatre

Zac Brown is a country singer, songwriter, and bandleader of Zac Brown band – a multi-platinum country act, originating in Atlanta, Georgia.
Their unique sound stays true to their southern roots, yet they succeed to push the boundaries, proving their ability to stay current in the country music scene. With their extra combination of bluegrass, reggae and Caribbean genre's, appealing to people from varied music tastes, making it accessible to all. As proved with their flourishing fan base and consistent touring schedule.
The bands 3 albums; Uncaged, You Get What You Give, and The Foundation have sold over seven million copies total! And their enormous success has led them to collaborating with fellow proficient artists such as; Kid Rock, Jimmy Buffett, Dave Grohl, Jason Mraz and Chris Cornell, to name a few.
Zac Brown Band's career continues to grow, with the very recently announced studio LP, Jekyll + Hyde which has already received excellent reviews.
The number one thing that connects the entirety of the group together is their grounded sense of reality, their lyrics are sincere and stay true to real life, making them a very rare piece to the music industry.

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