Country Megaticket: All Remaining Events at XFINITY Theatre

Country Megaticket Tickets

XFINITY Theatre | Hartford, Connecticut

Country music fans, come out, come out wherever you are… Here’s your last chance to get this all-in-one ticket to watch all the country music superstars you want!  You don’t need to queue up for tickets each time your favorite country star drops by here at the Comcast Theatre (formerly Meadows Music Theater),  Hartford, Connecticut. Here’s one ticket, yes, one mega ticket that could give you heaps of country music servings. Yes, a single purchase of this Country Megaticket is your sure-way access to watch the biggest names in country music. Catch the final leg of the nationwide Country Megaticket tour, September 7, 2013,  here at the Comcast Theatre (formerly Meadows Music Theater),  Hartford, Connecticut.

The biggest country music superstars will embark on a nationwide tour, as part of the Country Megaticket extravaganza. A single purchase of the Country Megaticket gives you real value for money as you get to witness a concert series of over 10 iconic country music artists. Yes, it only takes 1 mega ticket for you to eat your heart out on this country music buffet. Revel all you can with  sumptuous country music greats.

Queuing-up for tickets could be so taxing and frustrating, right? The Country Megaticket solves it all! Just buy one ticket, and you can enjoy one country music show after the other. And never miss anyone of them. Now what could beat that?! All you have to do is sit back, enjoy, rock your heart out, and look forward to the next show!

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