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Xfinity Theatre | Hartford, Connecticut

Avril Lavigne

Hey, Avril Lavigne fans! Are you ready for the concert that will be the ultimate highlight of your summer? Your pop-punk heart will be filled with excitement this August 21 as you immerse yourself in Avril's concert at the Xfinity Theatre. Brace yourselves for an exciting Wednesday evening full of songs that have been the soundtrack of your teenage rebellion and beyond. The Avril Lavigne Greatest Hits concert tour will undoubtedly be the Best Damn Thing to happen to your summer. The punk princess will be showcasing the hits that defined her two-decade career. Her performances in the hits like "Girlfriend," "Sk8er Boi," "Nobody's Home," and "Complicated," among many others, will surely bring the famous Hartford, Connecticut venue down. She will be joined by another iconic band, Simple Plan, and the duo Girlfriends, who will ignite the crowd before the punk hitmaker hits the stage. If all these excite you, this show is a must-see event. It's not too Complicated. The "Get Tickets" link is just a click away for you to purchase tickets to this concert. Secure yours today before they run out.

The 2000s was shaped by the angsty and rebellious rock sound of Avril Lavigne. Pop-punk rock became what it is today thanks to her huge influence. When she came onto the scene in 2002, mainstream pop, with its polished and elegant sound, clashed with her skatepunk pop approach. Her deviation made her stand out. She was a teenager when she became a star, but she was so unlike other pop teens of her time. She came out with an electric energy and embodied past female alternative rock musicians like Alanis Morissette and Courtney Love. She released songs that dug deep into her psyche. Her lyrics were crafted seriously. All of these paved the way for a hugely successful career.

The pop-punk royalty currently has seven albums. Listening to all of them is a journey. Her debut album 'Let Go," has songs that are infectiously catchy and full of angst, like "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi." This album also contained songs that trudged a different path. Unlike her energetic songs mentioned previously, "I'm with You" was mature and reflected her sadness.

Her sophomore "Under My Skin" delved deeper into more darker themes. The song "My Happy Ending" from this record took the mainstream by storm with its regretful and disillusioned lyrics. Then came her third album, "The Best Damn Thing," which has tunes that can be considered sweet and spicy. It has an unlikely fusion of bubblegum pop with punk rock, giving way to songs such as "Girlfriend," "Hot," and "The Best Damn Thing." Others stayed true to the ballad style she was fostering from her past albums. This style can be experienced in her songs "When You're Gone" and "Keep Holding On" in this album.

It wasn't until her fourth album, "Goodbye Lullaby," that she really ventured into more adult compositions. Inspired by her then-failing marriage to Deryck Whibley, it is filled with anguish and heartbreak. In 2013, she expanded her career with her self-titled album. Standout track "Here's to Never Growing Up" sounded like it was plucked from her debut album.

Avril Lavigne's career came to a halt for nearly three years after her 2015 Lyme disease diagnosis. "Head Above Water" was her 2019 comeback album. Songs about triumphing over adversity make up this album's empowering theme.

"Love Sux" is her most recent release in 2022. The album is a return to form and showcases how much growth punk rock has reached in her career. It was positively acclaimed by many critics and is considered her best release yet.

Combining her best tracks, Avril Lavigne will be busy bringing her music to many venues for her "Greatest Hits" tour. This will be a nostalgia train to her beloved music from all her albums. Coming with her is a rock band icon, Simple Plan. You know them for the songs "Welcome to My Life," "Perfect," and "I'm Just a Kid." Girlfriends will also join them. If you are not familiar with them, Girlfriends is a super duo comprised of rapper and singer Travis Mills and Find Your Grind founder Nick Gross.

This jam-packed tour will be coming to the Xfinity Theatre on August 21. Secure your tickets now!

Avril Lavigne at Xfinity Theatre

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