21 Savage at XFINITY Theatre

21 Savage Tickets

Xfinity Theatre | Hartford, Connecticut

21 Savage

What is the ‘American dream’? Is it something we can all aspire to, or receive? Asking these tough and non-binary aspects of life, rapper 21 Savage knows the pitfalls and highs of life in the US and has given an outlet to these questions and explorations through his music. His latest studio release, ‘American Dream’, tackles this more specifically and is already a huge success. Following the release of his 4th studio album he is hitting the road for his headlining tour, ‘American Dream’ and will have 3 rapper stars supporting his shows. He will be at the Xfinity Theatre on Saturday the 1st of June. Tickets are currently available, so don’t slack off and secure yours before time runs out! It will be a tour that is full of hard-hitting music that will vibrate through your body and soul with dirty beats and slick rhymes, so be there and book your tickets now!

It is no mean fete to be a rapper star, but to also be one that continues to create waves both on the music scene and in society? That is dope. 21 Savage’s music releases have been received with much fan and critical acclaim, but he has also given back to society to help create a fairer, safer future for the next generation – 21 Savage created the foundation ‘Leading By Example’ which provides financial literacy education to youths nationwide and gives opportunity for scholarships and job placements for teens and students.

This sounds weird to say when he’s hitting the road for his ‘American Dream’ tour, right? Wrong! It shows the heart and soul that 21 Savage puts not just into his music, but everything he strives to create in life. It adds more heart to his energy, attitude and tracks as he performs them, creating a cause wider than himself or his fans. He creates a sense of community within his music and has a reputation for being an amazing on-stage performer that adds a real grittiness with heart. He’s angry, but he wants to create change. So, we say that his 2024 tour is the best way to be a part of his music and to feel it first hand for yourself.

As if wasn’t enough to hear some of his freshest tracks live on stage, such as ‘Redrum’, ‘All Of Me’ or ‘Sneaky’ from his ‘American Dream’ album, he will be joined by J.I.D, Nardo Wick and 21 Lil Harold. Stars in their own right with great music and chart-topping singles, they will add even more attitude and brashness to the tour that will make it an unforgettable rap music tour.

So, book your tickets today to be a part of the ‘American Dream’ tour that will challenge, dream and question what it means to be living in the US and to scream our dynamic lyrics with 4 of the brightest names on the scene, whether it’s 21’s ‘Redrum’, J.I.D’s ‘Surround Sound’, Wick’s ‘Who Want Smoke?’ or Harold’s ‘Savage’ – whatever the tracks, it will be an UNFORGETTABLE tour, so be a part of it!

21 Savage at Xfinity Theatre

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