XFINITY Theatre is popular indoor/outdoor amphitheatre that has a venue capacity of 30,000 and is situated in Hartford, Connecticut.

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The XFINITY Theatre can seat 22,500 people in the outdoor lawn area and 7,500 people indoor. In fact the outdoor space is mainly used during summers and this makes it one of the largest amphitheatres in the country. The indoor space is used mainly during winter and fall.

In previous years the theatre has gone through a selection of names including: New England Dodge Theatre, Meadows Music Theater to Meadows Music Theater, XFINITY Theatre and recently to it’s latest name XFINITY Theatre. This theater has seen several popular artists perform here and in 2009 Beyonce used the theatre to practice for her “I Am… Tour”.

Exclusive Vendors for Refreshments

At the XFINITY Theatre, all visitors can savour the huge range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as some delicious food and snack options by some of the best vendors in the city. The venue prides itself on their customer experience, making sure that all of the vendors operating inside their venue are delivering exactly what their visitors want and more! Ofcourse, all alcoholic beverage purchases will require a valid form of identification so make sure you have yours on hand. What are you waiting for? Come on down and have a truly unrivalled experience only available at the XFINITY Theater.

24/7 Assistance

If you need any assistance at all during your visit to the XFINITY Theater, then any of the friendly staff will be on-hand all around the venue and will happily help you with any queries. You can also find the Administrative Office located next to the main lobby area.

If you happen to lose an item while you are at an event, you can also visit the aforementioned Administrative Office where if found your item will have been turned in. If you need an item shipping that is in lost and found, this can also be arranged straight from the venue website.

Additional Benefits

A lot of venues provide an exceptional experience for all of their visitors to ensure they have the best experience possible when seeing their favorite performers. But what sets the XFINITY Theater apart from the rest is the additional benefits you receive free of charge when you attend a live event. Ranging from benefits such as free entry for children 2 and under, to exclusive merchandise which can only be purchased from this venue, an event experienced at the XFINITY Theater is truly unique. So if you’re searching for the perfect venue to see your favorite event, then look no further. From everyone here, have a great time at your next event!


The theatre has both free parking as well as VIP parking spaces. Free parking is available on first come first serve basis where as the VIP parking can be purchased on the day of the show or in advance. However this is also subject to availability. When you make an advance purchase for a VIP parking, hand tags for the parking entrance will be sent by the venue authorities directly to you as early as 10 days before the event. For entry, it is mandatory that you have the hang tag with you else your entry will be restricted. The entrance to the Main Lot, where the VIP parking is situated is at the end of Savitt Way.

In case you purchase the VIP parking on the day of the show, you can do so at the entrance of the lot and you will have to pay cash for the same. The rates for VIP parking might vary depending on the event. Limousine as well as motorcycle parking is also available in the VIP parking lot.


There would be no refunds or cancellations offered due to rains.

Once you leave the theatre, re- entry is not possible.

Smoking is also strictly prohibited within the premises of the XFINITY Theatre.

You can carry food along with you as long as it is packed in transparent plastic bags.

You can also carry water with you. However water and food is available easily within the theatre. Alcoholic beverages are also served inside.

Drugs, weapons, alcohol, banners, glass containers, fireworks, backpacks, animals, and laser pointers are not allowed inside the venue.

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For a list of rules and further info ont he venue please see Xfinity Theatre Rules