The XFINITY Theatre is a indoor/outdoor amphitheatre. The entire venue can hold up to 30,000 people.

See the image below for the XFINITY theatre seating chart. 7,500 seats are available in the indoor area, where as the outdoor lawn area can take an additional 22,500 people in the warmer months!

XFINITY theatre seating chart

The Colors on the image represent the different seating areas at the theatre, please be aware that ticket prices will vary depending on the seating location.

The XFINITY Theatre is one of the largest amphitheatres in the whole of the united states, and hosts an impressive selection of facilities, outdoor lawn areas and indoor sections throughout to accommodate in the winters months, making it a versatile venue for many artists.

Accessible seating

The Xfinity Theatre accommodates disabled patrons with ramps and companion seating is also available

To view all the events, please see the The XFINITY Theatre Schedule page. It lists all the concert events at this venue.